Ugh, yet another podcast, why?

Starting next week I plan to put out a semi weekly podcast about music. Since I’m knee deep in it now, I might as well bring folks up to speed on what’s been happening. I’ve also gotten new equipment, unfortunately no I did not get the new epiphone SG alpine white but I did get an Ibanez AX30 double cut alpine white guitar. Am I cheap? I guess I am, I paid $150 for it, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $430 for an epiphone sg. The ibanez plays just fine. I’ll have more on that later. I’ve got a ton of newish musicians I’ve been listening to and would like to share out. So next week look for the posts!

What did you see when you were there?

Of course the answer is – “Nothing that doesn’t show”. Points if you know where that is from. Anyway, it’s Saturday and I have some shopping to do. I rarely shop because I hate the crowds and I spend money I usually don’t have. I travelled north on route one and went to the Salvation Army Superstore! I was thinking I would cap my spending at $50, the end result was $72 dollars. What did I get?

18 cds
5 coffee cups
1 blue ray dvd player
1 tribble

Ok, the cds and why:

1. Guster – Parachute – I’ve heard their live stuff and I liked it. Lets see what the albums say.
2. Guster – Goldfly
3. Bush – Razorblade suitcase – Eh, there could be some good stuff here. Enough time has passed, I can listen to them again.
4. Bon Jovi – New Jersey – More for my wife but maybe secretly I wanted to see if their live stuff is worth listening to
5. The Manhattan Transfer – Coming Out – Gadzooks! Not sure what I was thinking…
6. Shania Twain – The Woman in Me – Cause its Shania, its produced by Mutt Lange (from AC/DC), cause she’s F’ing HOT!
7. Bangles – Everything – No discernable hits here but lets give it a listen anyway.
8. Common Thread – The Songs of the Eagles – I’m in a country vibe so lets hear country musician’s play the Eagles!
9. Randy Travis – Heros and Friends – See above
10. Smokey Robinson – The Definitive Collection – You should have his music in your collection anyway.
11. Bjork – Homogenic – I listened to her first band and was a fan of the Sugarcubes, let’s see about the solo stuff.
12. Incubus – Make Yourself – Only sudo metal band on the rack
13. Joan Armatrading – Show Some Emotion – Will it equal her monster album “Hearts and Flowers”? We’ll see.
14. The Vaughn Brothers – Family Style – for $1.99 worth the risk
15. Steve Smith and the Nakeds – Never Say Never – See above – Former Drummer from Journey
16. Creed – Human Clay – Minus Scott Stapp and you have Alter Bridge. Three outweigh one.
17. John Mellencamp – Human Wheels – See #14
18. Dvorak – Symphony #9 – You can never have enough classical music in your life.

Johnny Marr(velous)?

So, I’m not exactly sure what drew me to look up Johnny Marr tonight. We’re all too familiar with the youtube rabbit hole, one video leads to another. I also am starting to realize why it is so popular with me – its complete and total “On demand” videos. I think of a musician and BAM! There are official videos, old interviews, literally everything associated with that musician. Let’s give this a shot. I knew him as Morrisey’s guitarist, I really didn’t care for Morrisey or the Smiths, however I was a huge fan of the song – “How Soon Is Now”? The guitar is total Fender sound from the reverb to the tremelo. I saw an earlier interview where Marr mentions he was a big fan of the Bo Diddley beat. Its clear whether you’re listening to How Soon Is Now or any of his other music. The beat is just so mesmerizing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started listening to Marr’s music but I have been pleasantly surprised, its refreshingly different. I generally steer clear of popular music, however if I have to, its music like Johnny Marr. I am rapidly becoming a fan. More to come…

I wish there could be Moore…

There are two really good covers of this beatle’s classic. One by Paul Gilbert’s project with Mike Portnoy and then there is this monster cover. I love hearing this cover but at the same time it also rips my heart out because we’ll never hear Gary Moore again. I had the chance to see him in the late 80’s when he played at the Paradise club in Boston. I was not disappointed. I have always loved his playing and was largely surprised he was not more popular. When his album “Victims of the Future” came out in 1983, I thought “Yes! This is what will make him a guitar god”. Sadly this album would end up in the cut out bins or largely relegated to the other used record stores. He had a radio hit “Empty Rooms” which was cut down from 7 mins to 3:45 cutting out most of his guitar solo. It grates on me that the average music listener wants what they want and don’t have patience for much else (more of that much later). There is the blistering cover of the Yardbirds classic “Shapes of Things” which was covered by Jeff Beck later in 1972 and that was the version Moore covered. There was a metal guitar lessons video he did back in the 80s as well and at one point he was warming up and played a blues lick which oddly enough would be the precursor to his final calling. I’m not the biggest fan of the blues and I largely avoided listening to this phase of his career, hoping secretly he would come back to metal but it was not to be. I just feel that like most of Moore’s career, it was largely cut short by his early death and his potential was never fully realized. Whether or not he himself was happy with his career we can never know but man I really miss the artist.

Blackberry Smoke – Smoke signals?

For the last couple of weeks I have been playing various songs by the band Blackberry Smoke. I came across these guys kinda by accident. I was looking for a version of the song “Man of Constant Sorrow”. This was a song in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” and I saw a version by Blackberry Smoke and was impressed. Charlie Starr is the front man of the band and has a decent vocal range and can certainly carry a tune. This band is closer to country than they are to rock n roll, however, the music powers in place must drool over this band as they are a good crossover band, meaning their songs could do well in either a rock radio station or country music station. Their music is along the vein of the Black Crowes with a touch of Lynyrd Skynyrd. No surprise, the Robinson Brothers have appeared on stage separately with them playing covers of Black Crowes songs. I’m still going through their catalog and this is only the second week I’ve been listening to their music, I will be posting more and more of the reviews of this band. If you haven’t heard this band check ’em out!

Dead Letter Office? WMFO?

After taking three years off from radio, I decided this Summer I would come back to the place that started it all – WMFO. For those who do not know, WMFO is Tuft’s college radio. The station reaches Medford MA and surrounding towns. I mainly treat this as a place where I can go for two hours a week and blast my music. Yeah, I don’t take requests, it is really just me listening to music I like and if you like it too then its a win all around. The most online listeners I’ve ever had is 24 and that was when I had a blues show. On a funny note there was one week where I played a metal show and I started with 14 online listeners and with each song I lost a listener until I had just one and at that point I’m sure it was just the station monitoring itself. I was literally just playing music for myself! Anyway if you’re interested my show is every Sunday from 1PM to 3PM. and if you’re really sick, check out my playlist from today – PLAYLIST. Since you’ve gone that far, you might as well listen, just hit the Play Archive link and away we go! I’ll make more of a concerted effort to update this blog going forward. No promises just music.

CD’s DOA? Heckin Bamboozle

Many years ago when cds just started out, I decided this was going to be my last music format. I have not wavered from that. Last week both Best Buy and Target were announcing they will no longer buy cds wholesale. They were going to buy what they can sell, huh, what a novel idea. Anyway the conventional thinking is that cds are now going through their death throes. Whether it is or not, I still plan on buying as many cds as I can afford. Records are seeing a re-emergence as a popular format even if it does come in 180 gram vinyl. Does anyone really know what the hell that means? I don’t really care. Right now I can buy used cds between 3.99 and 8.99, so why would I buy new? I prefer the physical medium because how many times in your life has your computer crashed? How many times have you lost an mp3 player? With physical media you can always re-rip, replay as long as there is a cd player. I’m not an average consumer, I buy things that last, including my music player. If I look now, I can buy a top of the line cd player for pennies on the dollar. That music system will last me years maybe even for the rest of my life. That is my stance on music. What provoked this post? An article I saw on THE CD IS DEAD? NOT SO FAST! Now to search for a cd player not on Amazon or ebay….

Our first show!

Coffee Headache Music podcast #1

Intro music – Theme music: Eliot Smith Son of Sam ( Licensed under fair use and attribution.
On todays show we discuss the return of music video, Deep Purple calls it a career and I have a yellow guitar, all of this and more on Coffee Headache Music!
Outro music
MTV playing music again –
Tom Petty dead at 66 –
Hired Gun documentary –
Wallace guitars –
Basic info: Band got its start in 1968 but the traditional line up of Ian Paice, Blackmore, Lord, Glover and Gillan would form in 1969 and would last until 1973. Among their albums
Deep Purple in Rock 1970
Fireball 1971
Machine Head 1972 ( Highway Star, Smoke on the water, Space Truckin, Lazy)
Who Do We Think We Are 1973 (Woman from Tokyo)
The Current line up Paice, Glover, Gillan, Morse, Airey. Morse would replace Blackmore in 1994 and Airey would replace John Lord who left the band in 2002 and Lord would pass away in 2012 of Pancreatic cancer. Their albums include:
Purpendicular 1996
Abandon 1998
Bananas 2003
Rapture of the Deep 2005
Now What 2013
Infinite 2017

Notable members past members:
Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale 1973 – 1975 on Burn 1974, Stormbringer 1974 and Come Taste the Band 1975
Tommy Bolin 1975 Come Taste the Band
Joe Lynn Turner 1990 Slaves and Masters.
Joe Satriani replaces Blackmore in 1993. Never recorded with DP
The band would break up after the 1975 release of Come Taste the Band.
The band would reform almost 10 years later in 1984 and release Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light 1987.
Deep purple calls it a career, a look back and forward.
Listening to multiple interviews I found I was playing smoke on the water wrong. 4ths not 5ths
Discuss live shows you may have attended.
Albums to discuss – Machine Head (1972) and Perfect Strangers (1984) are the only two albums I’ve ever bought.
member time line –

I bought a yellow guitar – Ibanez mikro and watched the review –

Playing guitar? What are the available online resources
Streaming music services

Father John Misty (Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution) –


Hosts: Joe E Carlos, Race Bannon and David St. Hubbins

A dandy time had by all!

I’ve been listening to a lot of the Dandy Warhols lately. If you’re not familiar with them check them out, I have their most popular video posted below. Anyway, I’ve been wrapping up things with this site. I’m still not crazy about the theme and we don’t have an official logo just yet. I’m still working on this. I will most likely be posting our first podcast on New Years day. It will be our official kickoff. We’re also trying to figure out what we can legally post in terms of music clips. The aim of the show is that it is an outlet to talk about music and as time goes along we’ll get more people involved. Still much more to come, however one thing I will make an effort to post at least once a day with a minimum of at least three postings a week. I’m hoping that I’m not spreading things too thin. We’ll see.

Weekend update!

Ok, things are starting to heat up in here. We recorded our podcast this past week, I just need to edit another file and put the finishing touches on it. Its complete with show notes and everything. Hopefully we’ll release it on Sunday. We’re on a once a month release and we’ll just take it from there. We have some ambitious plans for the show but we’ll take it slowly. As for interesting items in the news, locally the Boston public library is about to put its entire vinyl collection on line. You can check out the ARTICLE HERE. Again, we are interested in your feedback, please email us at

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